Stormdivers is a third person science fiction Battle Royale type shooter set in a near-future dystopia and featuring a lush landscape, chaotic battles, and much more. Off the coast, on a beautiful but abandoned tropical island, an experiment gone wrong has created a permanent artificial storm system that devours everything in sight. The elite operatives who are specially trained for combat on this island are known as Stormdivers, and you are now one of them. Get ready for a lush tropical paradise that hides danger around every corner, all while the storm bears down on you. Do you have the courage to become one of the Stormdivers?

Stormdivers Key Features

The Future Of Battle - Become invisible with a personal cloaking field, hide behind a portable ballistic barrier, and take your enemies down with weapons from swords to rocket launchers. Then, climb onto your hoverbike and outrun the encroaching storm.

To The Victor - That one operative who has the skill, speed, and luck to survive the island and its dangers will lay claim to some epic loot! Those who fail will be swept away by the ever-raging storm or shot down by the other operatives.

Solo Or Squad - You can take on the island as a solo operative or you can do so as a member of a coordinated team. Both choices have benefits and drawbacks, but either way, you'd best be ready to fight for your life.