Subnautica is a single player underwater survival, exploration, and adventure game set on an alien world of seas and oceans. Your ship has crash landed here, and the only way to survive is to dive beneath the surface and explore the world below. When you crash, the clock is ticking; you must find food, water, and shelter, and you must do so before you succumb to this harsh world and its dangers. You must even carefully manage your oxygen supply! The water teems with life, from sunlit coral reefs to deep dark trenches. Much of this life is beneficial or useful to you. Beware, however; some of it is extremely dangerous.

As you explore and adventure, signs will begin to appear that something is definitely not as it appears. What happened to this planet? What people or civilization built the mysterious structures you see as you explore? What is happening to the seas here, infecting the marine life? Why did your ship crash here, of all places? And, most importantly, is there a way for you to make it out of all of this alive?

Subnautica Key Features

Explore The Seas - From sun dappled coral reefs to open sand flats to deep caverns and dark trenches, you can freely explore the sea as never before. Resources, secrets, food and dangers all await.

Struggle To Survive - The clock is ticking, and time is not on your side. You must construct weapons and equipment, scavenge for parts and resources, food, and water. Survival will not be easy, if it is even possible.

Fear The Night - As the sun goes down, the predators come out. The ocean is unforgiving of those caught unprepared in the night. Unseen dangers - and wonders - await in the darkness.

High Tech Building - Build an advanced habitat that takes care of all survival needs. Construct a deep sea suit to withstand immense pressures and temperatures. Advanced weapons, mining arrays, and more are at your disposal; if you only build them.