Sudden Attack is a free-to-play First-Person Shooter MMOG developed by NEXON. The game is set in a fast-paced and competitive environment that will keep players at the edge of their seats. Sudden Attack has caused quite a stir in the gaming community with its accolades. The story revolves around a special military force set up by the United Nations to infiltrate the rebel Tanziriro Liberation Front (TLF) forces to gain control over the natural resources in a region of Central Africa. However, this special force vanished on the mission and reappeared one year later to fight against their very own - a betrayal leading to the deadly confrontation between the key commanders.

There are two teams in the game, red and blue. Red is the Tanzirilo Independence Force, while Blue belongs to the United Great Force. There are various types of gameplay matches in different maps: Deathmatch, Destruction, capture the flag, or custom modes (Sniper only, pistol only, or knife only). Both teams must satisfy the conditions, such as defusing the bomb, or successful planting and detonation, or achieving an amount of kills.

Sudden Attack Key Features

Highly Addictive Game Play - Easy to learn and fast pace action with every match!

Competitive Challenges - Compete for a place in the Ranking and earn bragging rights in Sudden Attack.

Vivid Effects - The graphics are exquisite and highly detailed, from explosion and after effect of flash bang, to the splatter of fresh blood on walls, all creating a "you-are-there" experience.

Violent Content - Violent and bloody content whenever a character gets shot, expect to see it realistic blood splatters and gore.

Underwater Battle System - Unique underwater battle with believable effects, such as reduce in bullet speed and damage, muffed gunfire sound, and the risk of draining.

Variety of Game Modes - Sudden Attack comes ready with 5 exciting game mode consists of Team Death Match, Bomb Defusal/Planting (Mission), Item Retrieval, Property Defense and Submission.

Massive Equipment Bank - Continues release of new weapons and equipments, able to equip up to 20 items including primary weapons, secondary weapon, knifes and other equipments.

Community Building - Form squads and fight as a team. Encourage community building for friends and friendly competitiveness in Sudden Attack.