Summoner’s Legion is a free-to-play browser based strategy and fantasy collectible game which delivers a classic CCG experience. Summoner’s Legion incorporates collectible card and mmo elements, focusing on strategy and multiplayer combat. You can fight a four different classes (Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest), build deck with a lot of skills which you can get from the nine unique factions. Players have their choice of a large number of different game modes, such as Training, Spectator, Adventure, and Arena. What is really special is that you can play the Adventure & Arena mode as Singleplayer and Multiplayer!

Features of Summoner’s Legion:

  • Five races: Beast, Dwarf, Elf, Human & Undead

  • Four classes: Mage, Priest, Ranger & Warrior

  • Mutliple modes: 1v1, 2v2, Training Mode

  • Single & Multiplayer dungeon

Summoner’s Legion Cash Shop
Players can purchase “Gold” with real-life money to buy additional resources such as Copper, Iron, Steel, Mithril, and Silvers(in-game currency). Players can also buy VIP cards which grants Daily boosts.

Challenge your opponents to complex and strategic duels in this amazing action packed CCG.
Create a deck from scratch and build it completely according to your preferences.
Defeat the single player campaign for some experience before taking on live opponents in epic duels.

Summoner’s Legion is a top notch CCG that will surely please both new players and veterans of the genre.