Sunrise: Survival, also known simply as Sunrise, is a first-person shooter with survival elements, set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Your task - to survive in this harsh and unforgiving land, by any means necessary. Keep in mind that you're not alone here; there are others, as hell-bent on survival as you are. Will you choose to team up with other people, or to go it alone? Will you set out to explore the wider world, or will you concentrate on controlling a single region? Whatever you do, you'd better to be prepared to scrounge, fight, and even kill.

Sunrise: Survival Key Features

Player Feedback Matters - The developers are in constant contact with players, making updates and changes as required. Your feedback really matters.

Customization - Customize your character, your weapons, and more. Personalize your experience.

Driven To Survive - Take control of numerous different types ,of vehicles and cover the world in style.

Craft Your Own - An advanced system of crafting weapons, ammunition, and other gear rewards those who take the time to create, and not just destroy.

Dangerous World - From monsters, to anomalies and natural phenomena, to other players, danger is around every corner. The world is not static; if you're inactive, you are still fair game!

Realistic Environment - In Sunrise: Survival, you can interact with the world around you, and watch it change as time passes.