Super Animal Royale is a furry take on the popular Battle Royale genre, pitting 64 players against one another in a furocious fight to the finish! The players all take command of a fox, panda, or sloth, and then they enter a 2D battlefield where the fur will fly! The world is vast, and full of different biomes, psychotic enemy animals, gigantic hamster balls, and other such insanity. Arm your furry combatant with a wide array of weapons and gear. Move around the battlefield, and be sure to keep your eyes out for the long grass. Fight tooth and claw and paw to be the last quadruped standing!

Super Animal Royale Key Features

The Fur Will Fly - Take control of a genetically engineered super animal, and get into the fun! Your super animal can be customized with new outfits, tombstones, death explosions, weapons, dance moves, and more.

Big Island World - This vast island which serves as your battleground was once an island paradise. Explore the various places, visit the diverse biomes, and discover the secrets of a safari park gone horribly wrong.

Fog Of War - You never know what is around a corner or behind a rock until you go over there and look. This makes the top-down gameplay of Animal Royale more intense, and gives you more fun ways to die!