In Supremacy 1914 - you will take control of a nation of your choice during World War I and assume the highest office of your empire.

Balance the production of goods, troops and weapons with the limited resources that your country offers you. Forge powerful alliances with your fellow neighbours, conclude essential trade agreements with other players or fight your way through various scenarios. This era needs uncompromising strategists like you: don't let your people starve, train them in mounted combat, send the first experimental tanks into the field, build your economy and conquer the world!

This epic World War I game is the ultimate challenge for experienced strategy players: direct the skills of your troops, master the challenges of the war economy and the real danger of real players. Play Supremacy 1914 as an RPG with historical figures or design alternative war courses. Your imagination and skill are the only limit when you compete against up to 500 players to fight for supremacy in real time in historical battles and fictional scenarios.

More than 5 million players have already registered for this strategy game from Bytro Labs. Strategists can compete against real players around the world for free. Supremacy won the audience award in the browser game of the year category.


✔ Real-time multiplayer

✔ Up to 500 Players on a single map

✔ Realistic distances and unit speed

✔ Different maps and scenarios to choose from

✔ Historically correct troops and vehicles

✔ Experimental weapons and units of the era

✔ Frequent updates and new content

✔ Forge alliances with other players

✔ Win together as a coalition

✔ Play on all devices