Survarium is a free to play MMOFPS game set in a massive post-apocalyptic setting in the near future. The game focuses on the aftermath of a massive ecological catastrophe on Earth, the reasons behind which are only vaguely known. Impassable woods advance onto cities from every side, as maddened animals and birds attack industrial complexes, military structures, warehouses and power-plants. Strange plants and mushrooms grow through concrete and steel. Scientists all over the world haplessly try to cope with the anomaly expanding with terrifying speed across the planet!

Survarium Key Features

Fight To Survive - Survarium takes place on dedicated maps offering the survivors a variety of tactical options, secrets and valuable story-related information. Deadly traps await the unwary players among you. It is time to adapt to the conditions of a new world and to survive. This is a world where only one man out of a hundred survives, in a world where anarchy and chaos reign, where every step can kill you, where every hour you have to prove your right to live!

Team-Based Play - It won’t take long before an anomalous storm starts, so your team needs to hurry and get prepared. Explore the location, find objects/items that will help your team survive, deliver those to the base and protect them from the enemy. The variety of tactical options, interesting maps and unique play-modes in Survarium await you and your teammates!

Co-Op Play - The new world withholds multiple mysteries. Will you be able to solve those and shed light on the reasons behind the catastrophe? Complete a string of in-depth missions designed specifically for co-operative playthrough; learn the interesting background story to the world that barely survived the apocalypse.
Explore The Land - The new world hides many secrets. Some may kill you and some may indeed save you. Research the mysterious anomalies, procure and collect artifacts, which in tough moments, can save you from inevitable death. Use the data from scanners, detectors and various other devices that have survived in the new world, in order to assist research in being more effective and raise your chances of survival.

Evolve And Grow - With every situation your character increases his experience and gets stronger. Develop your hero by improving his skills in any of the five directions available: firearm training, physical training, technical skills, medical skills and the art of survival. Discover unique abilities to help you tip the balance of power in your favor. Who will you become? – A keen sniper, a fearless assault fighter, a scout, an artifact seeker or a master of them all? – It’s up to you.