Sword Quest is a social Browser-based game on Facebook by Doremi Star that puts you behind the role of a Blacksmith. With the help of your friends, you'll be able to craft various swords, from simple copper ones to the highly coveted divine swords. Will will also be able to wield the awe-inspiring might of the Chaos Blades in your workshop. If you wish to go on adventure and craft swords to spare, you can the use these swords to knock down various enemies, who range from simple slimes to powerful aliens and demons. If you want to pit your swords, your skill, your might against another, you can fight in the arena for prizes. Overall, you will get to help the people of Feludia by by crafting swords. Watch in awe as its Feludia's inhabitants use your epic weapons to fight the forces of evil. Strengthen your craft and make the world of Feludia a better place.

Sword Quest Key Features

Hammers Peal - Forge swords and fuse weapons to make epic weapons!

Grow Your Craft - Embark on quests and grow as a Smith. Be the best you can be!

Get The Tools - Collect different hammers to expand your craft. Every hammer has its own song to sing.

Test Your Metal, err, Mettle - Fight in the arena for prizes. Can your weapons prove themselves in PvP?

Take It To The Wilds - Use your own crafted items to beat monsters. Is your sword sharp enough?