Swords of Legends Online is a buy-to-play action MMORPG set in the world of Shenzhou. After imbalance strikes the cosmos and the gods abandoned the earth, mankind was left to fend for himself in the chaos. With no pantheon to protect them, the heroes of mankind stepped forth determined to secure their own fates with mystical soul-bearing weapons.

Swords of Legends Online is an MMO for players who cherish the freedom to explore. With a range of exciting and exotic flying mounts to choose from, players are able to take to the skies to feast their eyes on the stunning landscapes and swoop down onto unwitting foes.

Swords of Legends Online currently features six unique classes which make a welcome change from tired Western classes like mage or fighter. Players can choose from the damage-dealing Spellswords who seamlessly combine deadly swordplay with magical abilities; the energy manipulating Reapers whose scythes sweep across the battlefield in a hurricane of darkness; the support-class Summoners whose harmonious relationship with nature can be manipulated for healing and damage-dealing; the lightning-fast Spearmasters whose talents extend beyond devastating combat skills into construction and engineering; the tanking Bersekers who are stalwarts of the battlefield alongside their wolf companions; and finally the versatile Bards - because after all, the love of music knows no borders.

Key Features

Mystical Setting - Set in an enchanting world of Chinese Xianxia mythology, players can roam stunning snow-capped mountains, glide over ancient glaciers, and explore lost temples in bamboo forests. With incredible graphics and close attention to detail, it is a world full of wonder ripe and ready for exploration.

Epic PvP Battles - The best combat of Swords of Legends Online comes in the endgame where the powerful skills you've acquired can be put to the test against fellow players. Combat is fast-paced and dynamic, based around chained ability combos as well as light and heavy attacks.

Rewarding Creativity - Unlike many other Chinese MMORPGs, Swords of Legends Online has a comprehensive building system which allows players to design, build, and decorate their own floating island homes. Extensive furnishing, gardening, and detailing options allow these bespoke homes to become fully customisable and fitting of the legend that is you.