Sworn Swords is a free-to-play, browser-based competitive strategy game with an exciting balance of an immersive medieval world and in-depth combat. In the game you can do all sorts of things, such as constructing buildings, recruiting soldiers, trading with others players, and also battling for new territory.

The game is very straightforward and easy to learn, as it was designed to be, and features highly sophisticated battle mechanics to mold even the most inexperienced players among us into a seasoned warrior. Sworn Swords also features a round-based design in which everyone can progress in a regularly resetting world and strive to become the next champion.

Create an empire, develop an army, and defeat your enemies using different Battle formations to prove that you're the best. View the battles step by step to see where you went wrong or what brought you victory to be better prepared for the next battle. Be a medieval ruler and help your kingdom reach greatness.

Sworn Swords Key Features

Multiple Factions - Pick one of 12 nations and choose the strategy best suited for your playstyle.

Pure Strategy - Develop your castle, gather resources and raise a strong army, all so you can defeat your enemies.

Clan System - Finding allies you can trust may be difficult at times, but when you do you can form a clan so you can compete for the Clan ranking.