Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a tactical RPG for Steam (PC), Android, and iOS where monsters from all across time and space battle it out on hex-grid battlefields. Form a monstrous team and test your skills out in turn-based PvE modes. Then, go head to head against other players and their teams of monsters in real-time PvP battles! Outsmart and destroy your opponents by strategically positioning your monsters before battle and tactically controlling their actions in battle. Experience the thrill of short matches - just 3 to 5 minutes in length - as you fight your monsters against other monsters from across the cosmos! The spirit of competition is alive, well, and above all, fun!,in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena!

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Key Features

Win It All - Fight for glory, as well as rewards. You can also win gold, medals, and special unlockable cards! These cards grant rare items, combat boosts, and more. The more you brawl, the more you win! Every day, unique log in rewards and special challenges sweeten the rewards and experience.

Rewarding PvE - Learn the ropes in turn-based PvE modes with no annoying hand-holding tutorials. Fight in Adventure Mode to seek out and discover new monsters! You can even hit the training arena and toughen your monsters up. You can even fight through Guerrilla Mode, facing off against endless waves of bosses.

Tactical Gameplay - Like all true tactics games, position is critical; where you put your forces is more important than who you bring to the fight! Strong defensive positions and coordinated attacks are key to victory.

Challenging PvP - Once you've learned the game, jump into real time PvP battles against players from around the world. Can you climb the ranks and claim the world treasure chest?

Social Experience - You can do more with other players than just fight them, however. Form clans with other players and create your own close-knit battle community. You can freely and easily chat with your fellow players, worldwide.