Taern is a dynamic browser-based fantasy MMORPG with isometric graphics and a mature storyline that gives players a variety of moral choices. In Taern there are no easy options, no simple choices; every decision you make will test your convictions. Combat is dynamic and deep, and requires effective communication and planning between players and tactical thinking. The need for teamwork extends further, as you and your guild mates can even work together and build a guild city! Your city will give you advantages, access to new perks, and even some powerful pets. If you enjoy throwback MMORPGs with hard decisions and challenging combat, Taern just might be for you!

Taern Key Features

Engaging Storyline - Fall neck deep in the immersive storyline that will guide you through diverse obstacles on your journey through Taern.

Explore New Places - The world of Taern is vast, with plenty of areas to explore and roam in. If you like to wander, you'll find loads of places to do so.

PvE And PvP - Take on fearsome enemies in challenging PvE battles. Or, get into the arena and face off against other players in PvP.

Daily Missions - Never experience a day of boredom. Plenty of daily tasks and missions offer action, excitement, and rewards.

Choose Your Skills - You're the one walking the path, so you choose which turns to take. Select skills that suit your playstyle and strategy.

Never Wander Alone - Playing with friends is always more fun than playing alone - there’s no better way to do it besides a good old group battle.