Tagoria is a free browser-based fantasy role playing game. Enter world of fearless warriors! Face dangerous monsters and claim their treasures as your own! Take part in epic battles, fought in honor of the gods! Show the world that the valiant heart of a warrior beats in your chest! Explore the world and face off against all manner of challenges. Discover forgotten treasures and artifacts. Face foes on fields from the arena to other planes!

Tagoria Key Features

Quests And Plundering - Go on epic quests and get the best loots!

Dimensional Battles - Fight across the multiverse. What plane will you battle on next?

Rare And Set Items - The best gear will give you an edge. A set of the best gear may make you unstoppable!

Companions - Faithful companions mean you never need travel or fight alone.

Divine-Favor Feature - The favor of the gods will give you powerful buffs and aid in battle.

Loads Of Items - Hundreds of different items to use in your adventures.

Item Enchantments - Magical enchantments will make your items more powerful.

Epic Horde Battles & Rituals of Battle - Battle is all you need! Fight to honor the gods.

Mercenaries, Assaults, Arena fights - Fight for wealth, for fame, for glory.

Magic Rune Stones - The power of the runestones is yours!

In Game Marketplace - Trade your items and treasures with others on the marketplace.