Taichi Panda is a free to play action RPG for mobile devices, bringing a fun adventure to a visually stunning and uniquely stylized world. Taichi Panda is set in a fantasy land known as the Avzar Continent, or often simply as Avzar. The land had been protected against evil for as long as any could remember by the great prophet, Vallar and his disciple Aria. In recent times, a greedy dark prince captured Vallar, and left Aria with no powers. Upsetting the balance, Avzar is now plagued by goblins, monsters, bandits, and evil magic. It is up to our three adventurers to help Aria uncover the mystery, save Vallar, and defeat the evil to restore balance.

Taichi Panda is a fast-paced action game with exciting boss battles and many challenges. As a RPG player you can customize your character with equipment, skills, and pets and so on. Once you and your character are done you can go for real-time PvP or join up with a team for the exciting Team Dungeons. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at this 3D environment with a goofy and vibrant art style!

Taichi Panda Key Features

Immersive Story - There are 10 chapters in all, with each chapter divided into three scenes. You’ll find challenging bosses, survival modes, and all sorts of nifty bonuses if you do well. Explore the world and unlock its secrets.

Choose Your Path - You got 3 playable kind of heroes, a martial artist Taichi Panda, a deadly Treasure Hunting rogue, and the invincible valiant Iron Warrior, each with their own unique abilities.

Fight Hard, Fight Smart - It’s not all punch-and-kick. Monsters are clever and might take you by surprise. Get back at them by breaking their parry, dashing about, or undoing their minions. Harder bosses will require some real strategy and coordination with your War Pets.