Tale of Toast is an open world fantasy sandbox MMORPG with hardcore PvP mechanics where risk and death actually mean something. Inspired by old school MMORPGs and boardgames, Tale of Toast is a true free to play MMORPG, with no pay to win mechanics whatsoever. Experience battles throughout the entire world against other players and guilds with the goal to take their items upon killing them, and risk losing your own upon your death.

The peaceful, once flourishing lands of Astaria started to succumb to darkness seeping into the world. Worry and fear can be seen on the faces of the Astarians, with the future of the kingdom now unknown. In an effort to save his lands and stop the darkness before it is too late, the king has rallied his guards and called upon all the adventurers within his lands to find the root of the darkness and defeat it. The time has come to defend Astaria!

Tale Of Toast Key Features

Full Loot PvP - You can initiate combat with other players throughout the entire world, with the exception being the starting zone where you cannot fight with other players. There are however guards in cities and towns who will try to stop brawls between players. Attack your enemies with weapons and magic. Kill them and take their stuff!

PvP On A Level Field - You can only initiate combat with players that are either above your combat level, or a maximum of three levels below your combat level. Attacking a player who has not attacked you in the last 15 minutes, means you get a skull above your head for 30 minutes. If you kill another player with a skull, they will drop their equipped items and inventory. If you kill another player without a skull, they will keep their three best items but drop the rest of their equipped items and inventory items. In any case, they will keep their gold, so they may buy new gear.

Single Shared Open World - Complete quests and explore dungeons in a huge shared open world! With a quantity over quality approach to gameplay, the rewards you receive are proportional to the risks you take. Beware! Your enemies and tasks will change depending on whether it is day or night.

Trade Skills - From logging to fishing to smithing, the world of Tale of Toast offers a vast array of trade skills to learn and train. Crafting is rewarding, as it should be! You'll have a steady supply of willing customers, regardless of what you make, due to the full loot mechanics.