Tank Domination is a free-to-play, multiplayer, action-packed tank battle game that throws you into the thick of modern combat with state-of-the-art armored tanks! The year is 2023. The world is no longer controlled by the rule of government. Instead, massive corporations reign supreme in an all-out war for planet's resources. Law and order are obsolete. The only rule now is that might makes right. Every corporation commands an army of mercenary tank commanders. You are one of these ruthless soldiers of fortune. Build up a massive hangar full of deadly tanks, upgrade and customize each one to your personal play style, and go forward into battle! The world is yours for the taking!

Sadly, Tank Domination has been shut down.

Tank Domination Key Features

Easy To Learn, Hard To Master - Real-time, synchronous multiplayer combat with intuitive, easy-to-learn controls let you start playing immediately! Deep gameplay and customization will keep you playing for months!!

Destructible Environment - Knock down walls and buildings and ram your opponents. Attack from anywhere!

Intense Team Based Battles - 10 versus 10 team-based player-versus-player (PvP) that combines tactical strategy with the thrill and intensity of an action game.

Choose Your Ride - 30 different vehicles, including devastating self-propelled gun (SPG) artillery. Load 3 ammo types: HE, AP, and HEAT!

Modify And Customize - A huge variety of modifications to customize your tanks—from the treads, to the turret, to the main gun, and much more.

Arsenal Of Special Items - Use First Aid Kits, Repair Kits, Reactive Armor, Mines, Compensators, Mufflers, Camouflage Nets, and other items to get an edge.