Tanki Online is a free to play browser based tank game with more than 25,000,000 players spanning Russia, CIS, USA and Europe. Tanki Online was released in for the China market in August 2010. In Tanki Online players fight against each other, trying to get more points and stay alive. These points can be reach through the destroying enemies tanks, capturing their flags, and healing allies. Earn the most points and you can climb through the ranks, upgrade your tank, and more! If you like browser based convenience and tank battle games, this game may be worth a look.

Tanki Online Key Features

Battles - Tanki Online offers five different modes, from classics like deathmatch and team battle to capture the flag. Pick your favorite game mode or master them all!

Ranking System - in order to reach a high rank, the player has to gain a certain number of experience points. Players with high ranks receive bonuses as well as access to new maps and equipment upgrades!

Customization - Players are able to customize their own tanks; customize your armor, paint job, and even mix and match different turrets and hulls to produce something uniquely your own.

Bonuses - As you play you earn crystals to spend on upgrades, new equipment and items, and much more. Use these rewards to get a cutting edge in battle!

Garage - Players can visit the garage to customize their tank, even in the heat of a battle! All available items and abilities can be bought with the collected crystals during the game.