Tannenberg is a first person shooter set on the grim and gritty Eastern Front during World War I. Fight across frozen lakes, through dark forests, and over snowy plains as you and your squad struggle not only to survive, but to win. Tannenberg is the latest entry in the 1914-1918 WW1 Game Series that started with WW1 FPS Verdun, expanding the focus to encompass the Eastern Front. Warfare on the border of the Russian Empire offers a fresh experience for new and veteran players alike, with new squads and weapons, open maps that give players tactical freedom, and a whole new 64 player game mode!

Tannenberg Key Features

Choose Your Side - Fight for the Russian Empire as a member of the ‘Frontovik’ and ‘Cossack’ squads. Or, join the Central Powers to serve in an Austro-Hungarian ‘K.u.K.’ squad or German ‘Infanterie’.

Deadly Combat - From artillery barrages and poison gas to the deadly machine gun and hard-hitting rifle, there are many weapons to master. The battlefield is a dangerous place, and a little thought will help you stay alive!

Tactical Team Based Combat - Fight as a team or die alone. Use positioning, planning, covering fire and other tactics to overcome your enemies. Remember, suppress, then flank!

Real WWI Experience - Authentic weapons and uniforms, horrendous gore, and maps based on real battlefields await. Fight across the forests, plains and mountains along the border between the Russian Empire and the Central Powers.