Tau Station is a text based science fiction browser MMORPG which offers not only fun and immersive gameplay, but accessibility (following WCAG 2.0 guidelines) for all players! Tau Station delivers a game experience where choices and actions matter, set against a backdrop of space exploration. Players travel from station to station in the Tau universe, slowly unraveling the mysteries behind the Catastrophe, an event which nearly wiped mankind a mere two generations ago. Along the way, players meet fellow survivors and work to rebuild a civilization, flying from station to station in ships, restoring trade and commerce, and giving mankind a chance at a brighter future.

Tau Station Key Features

Massive Universe - Explore far flung planets, stars, and stations, and meet the people who dwell there. Each one has their own unique tales and histories.

Six Career Paths - Choose from Business, Crime, Law, Medicine, Special Services, and Technologist, and make your way. Refine your choice by studying at the university!

Combat - Fight in PvP Or PvE battles, but be careful; your choices could land you in the sick bay, the brig, or even the morgue!

Explore And Discover - Complete missions with immersive stories and complex choices, enter the ruins to find salvagable goods, challenge NPCs to duels, and more.

Full Sci-Fi Experience - Travel the cosmos in your very own starship. Buy and sell on the player-controlled market. Unravel the mystery behind the Catastrophe, and learn what - or who - caused it.