TechWars: Global Conflict is a science fiction MMO of 'mech combat featuring isometric graphics, direct control, and fast paced action. The story is based on an alternate future described by Mikhail Vlad in his series of novels. In the year 2050, the world is torn by a conflict between the Russian "Dominion" and American "KATO" forces. In this conflict, force is the only thing which matters, and powerful mechs rule the battlefield. You must choose your side in this conflict, and fight for an ultimate and final victory! If you like action MMOs and mech-based games, perhaps TechWars: Global Conflict is a game for you.

TechWars: Global Conflict Key Features

A Dynamic Battlefield - Get into 20 player fights on a vast battlefield featuring fully destructible terrain. Work together with teammates and use the landscape to your advantage to sweep the enemy from the field!

Two Rival Factions - You can choose to sign up for the Russian Dominion, or for the American KATO. Your choice has in-game impacts, as each faction offers special benefits and skills.

Choose Your Class - An advanced class system offers players ways to specialize. You can be a Scout, a Stormtrooper, a Destroyer, or a Supporter. Each class offers critically important skills to your team.

Mechs And Gear Galore - Take your pick of 14 different powerful mechs, and equip yourself with more than 100 different weapons and items. Choosing the right tool for the task at hand is critical!