The Amazing Eternals, formerly known as Keystone, is a free to play hybrid MMO which mixes first-person shooter and strategy deckbuilding mechanics with a retro feel and story to create a truly unique game. Players step into a mystical board game and face off against their opponents, using their decks provide them with special weapons and abilities. Sharpen your twitch skills and reaction time, as this game is a true first person shooter; you must be prepared to shoot the enemy before they get you! The deckbuilding element adds a layer of depth and strategy to the game, however, and is no less important. If you wish to win, and win consistently, you'd best be prepared to master both!

The Amazing Eternals Key Features

Fast Paced Shooter Fun - Get into the game and get ready for a gunfight! From the starting square until the end of the fight, the game is fast, fun, and more than a little bit strange.

Retro Feel, Modern Gameplay - The Amazing Eternals delivers the look and feel of the pulp-era science fiction of the 1970s. The players enter the roles of explorers, heroes, and aliens trapped in a mystical board game, and the journey only gets weirder from there.

Deckbuilding Is Critical - Construct a deck which gives you special skills, boosts, and weapons. The timing and tactics you use when activating and using the cards in-game will make all the difference.