The Black Death is a massively multiplayer survival game set in Medieval Europe, in a realm filled with villagers and wildlife... and people infected with the deadly and terribly contagious Black Plague. Players in The Black Death are free to choose their own path. Will you become a blacksmith, a trader, or a knight? In The Black Death, your only limits are your ambition and the risks you are willing to take. The open world allows players to do what they wish, however good or ill those wishes may be. Will you be a peasant, working the land? Will you choose to uphold goodness and righteousness, and try to defend the weak as a knight? Or will you become a bandit, and take what you can from anyone you can?

The Black Death Key Features

Survive - Survive deadly disease and desperate people; you must hunt, steal, and fight if you hope to survive for very long. Medieval Europe is unforgiving, and offers only death to the weak and indecisive.

Live The Life - Fight for money or glory as a warrior, or ply your trade as a craftsperson, or even farm the land; The Black Death offers an open and immersive world with room for all playstyles.

Fight - Choose your battles wisely, but be prepared to defend yourself - an attack can come at any time. A unique combat system forces players to time their strikes and parries.

Prosper - Explore the world and seek out ways to earn coin, and then buy what you need; armor, weapons, and even houses are all for sale... for a price. Beware; The Plague cares little for wealth or status.