The Dawn: First War is an immersive virtual reality sci-fi survival sandbox MMORPG designed for the HTC Vive, with a focus on violent PvP. The Dawn: First War is a completely open game, where players are free to do whatever they wish. You can settle land and acquire resources, and begin construction and development of your own dungeon like subterranean settlement. Or, you can survive by raiding other players, entering their dungeons and stealing supplies and tools for yourself. Whatever gameplay path you choose, immersive virtual reality puts you into the action in a way never experienced before. Do you have the guts and the wisdom to survive? Or will your death simply be a stepping stone in another player's path to greatness?

The Dawn: First War Key Features

Build It - Design your own dungeon to protect your valuable resources and challenge other players. The more complex and dangerous your maze, the more likely to prevent others stealing from you!

Raid It - Set out on raids of the dungeons created by others. Why spend valuable time and energy collecting resources when you can steal them from other players?

Defend It - You must protect your mercenaries and items with traps and barriers. If other players die while raiding your dungeon, you can even make a profit from their deaths!