THE DAY Online is an action-packed third person MOBA that delivers a team-based shooter, a strategy MOBA, and a survival arena, all in one game. Three distinctly different types of battle arena await you. Fight alongside your teammates to collect resources and seize objectives in Resource Battle mode. Fight for your life in 10 player free for all Survival mode. Or, use positioning and timing to gain powerful items and destroy your enemy's power nexus in Downtown mode. Whether alone or as part of a team, gameplay in THE DAY Online depends on timing and individual player skill. There is no mana pool to manage when you use your skills. There is no long period of building up defenses and minions. The whole point of the game is to get into the fight and kill your opponents!

THE DAY Online Key Features

Get In The Action - Designed to get players into the fight quickly, THE DAY Online has a minimal focus on building up forces or resources. Instead, you take the fight to the enemy and aim to land that killing blow!

Choose Your Mode - Will you prefer the team shooter Resource Battle mode, the conventional MOBA of Downtown mode, or the battle royale Survival mode? Or will you attempt to rule the arena in all three?