The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a free to play collectible card game developed by Dire Wolf Digital and published by Bethesda, and which is set in the iconic Elder Scrolls universe. Step into the characters, creatures, legends and lore of the Elder Scrolls setting, and use strategy and skill to defeat your opponents. Learn all about the people of Tamriel, the primary focus of the ongoing Elder Scrolls story, and immerse yourself in a game which is easy to learn yet difficult - if not impossible - to truly master. You must manage your resources, your avenues of attack, and anticipate your opponent's moves, all while protecting yourself from counterattack; can you master all of these variables, and become a Legend?

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Key Features

Live The Legend - Experience the fantastic world of Tamriel as never before; get to know its people and places, its quirks and secrets, and immerse yourself in this latest installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise!

Ten Classes - The Elder Scrolls: Legends might be a CCG, but unlike most other CCGs, you still pick a class, and your class will help guide your playstyle; will you choose a quick and unpredictable Archer, or a mysterious Monk?

Five Attributes - Instead of "colors" or "spheres", the cards you can use are determined by your character's attributes; an archer will focus on cards which emphasize precision and cunning, where a warrior will seek to overcome their obstacles with unstoppable force!