The Fast And The Furious FIG (Fan Immersion Game) is a free to play browser based racing game which lets fans relive the action of the Fast and the Furious series. Rip through the city streets at full throttle, racing against other players in illegal street-car races. Play this car game by challenging other cars in ¼ mile races Use the money you win to improve your car and gain respect in The Fast and The Furious FIG: Fan Immersion Game!

The Fast And The Furious FIG Key Features

Intense Racing Action - Relive your favorite races and chases from the Fast and the Furious franchise in your computer's browser! Put the pedal to the metal and race head to head against others from all around the world. Do you have the skills and the intense need for speed to win?

Customize Your Ride - Modify your car's exterior, engine, and more, and make it run, handle, and look its best. Show off your stuff to other racers; in the world of The Fast and The Furious FIG, looking great matters nearly as much as running great.

Browser Based Convenience - Play when you want, where you want, with no downloads, updates, or subscriptions. Have a few spare minutes in the day? Hop on and have a race, or tweak your car's performance!