The Infinite Black is a hugely popular free to play spaceship-based MMO combat and adventure game for PC and mobile devices. You take control of massive spaceships and intergalactic corporations, and go to battle against other players economically and tactically. The Infinite Black offers a vast variety of activities. You can hunt bounties, fight aliens, loot treasure, earn achievements, and customize ships with thousands of items - and more. Global cross-platform servers connect friends and enemies from around the world, anytime, anywhere. Where will your path lead when you step into The Infinite Black?

The Infinite Black Key Features

Fly And Fight - Step into a massive spacegoing warship and challenge all comers. Fight against pirates, aliens, and even other players. Your ship's weapons, equipment, and appearance are all customizable, so you can fly in style!

Lots To Do - From building your corporation and leading it to economic supremacy to hunting for lost treasures and dangerous criminals, there's lots to do in The Infinite Black.

True Cross-Platform Play - True cross-platform play allows you to play the same character from any device with anyone else on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Genuine Free To Play - There is no cost to play and no marketing tricks: No DRM, no DLC, no subscriptions, no account limitations, no time restrictions. Experience the game, for free, and enjoy.