The Isle is a first and third person open-world multiplayer dinosaur sci-fi survival game that pits man against immense prehistoric creature in a battle of evolution and tenacity. In The Isle, the choice is yours; will you play as a human, fighting for survival in this hostile environment full of large creatures who wish to eat you and rival human factions, and prove mammalian superiority? Or will you pick the path of the dinosaur (or other prehistoric creature), and grow from a juvenile to an adult, and keep these pesky primates from taking control of your world? The Isle offers an open world survival experience full of action, mystery, and dinosaurs!

The Isle Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Players can select one of three playable human factions - Mercenaries, Rangers, or Poachers - and fight against other human factions and the prehistoric creatures around them, or they may select one of several different species of prehistoric animals and defend their island from all outside harm!

World Tells The Tale - The storyline of the Isle is told by the environment, through artifacts that players can locate during play and secrets that they will learn while exploring. What happened to this place? Why are there dinosaurs here, and why are they mutating? Why can't we leave? Players must work together and unravel the story.

Become The Beast! - Players in The Isle who choose to play prehistoric creatures will have a range of fun choices to make regarding character customization, from skin color to mutations!