The Maestros is an online RTS (real time strategy) game set in a fun and fantastic world where you take control of a commander in charge of a squad of mischievous minions. Choose your commander from the steampunk inspired Knights of Teutonia and lead a squad of chunky, clunky robots, or the mysterious Alchemists of Regalis and their hordes of mutant creatures. You build your squad by combating monsters and NPCs around the map, and then get into fast paced, fun, and somewhat insane battles. From the over-caffeinated minds of a batch of students who love RTS games but wanted fast paced games more reminiscent of FPS games comes The Maestros. Now, strap rockets to a turtle, mutate some kittens, and get ready to rumble.

The Maestros Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Play as the Knights of Teutonia and build and modify your mechanical minions anytime! If you prefer a more natural approach, choose the Alchemists of Regalis and mutate animals in the middle of a match.

Nutty Commanders - Each faction has a number of different commanders to choose from. Each commander has different special abilities which will help you defeat your enemies. Choose whoever fits your playstyle or fancy!

Build An Army - To build an army of minions you must overcome monsters. As you defeat monsters, you will obtain minions, with more powerful monsters delivering more minions upon defeat. Then, send your minions to transform pads around the map and evolve them into a variety of new forms.

Destroy The Opposition - When your force is ready and your nerves are steady, take the fight to your enemy! Take out the enemy commander and secure the win, but beware; they want to do the same to you!