The Odyssey Online Classic is an open source, free to play 2D fantasy MMORPG written in VB6 and which has been growing and thriving since 1997. For those who like a stable game, where they can measure progress against fixed goals and destinations, The Odyssey Online Classic is perfect. The game focuses on stability; no sweeping updates or changes, no downtimes, no pay to win mechanics. You need never fear that your progress in the game will be lost, directly or indirectly; the goal posts are not moved repeatedly. Whether you are a casual gamer or a more serious MMORPG fan, you can now enjoy a 2D classic MMORPG as it was meant to be played; at your own pace.

The Odyssey Online Classic Key Features

No Endless Advancement - In many games, once you reach the end level, your triumph is temporary; a patch will come along and raise the cap, obsolete your gear, and necessitate further grinding. That will never happen in The Odyssey Online Classic; the game's quests, land, lore, and rewards remain fixed, allowing casual players to advance just like more hardcore gamers!

Sandbox Play - You are free to choose what you want to do, anytime! Do you want to complete quests and face monsters? Or would you rather explore, craft, and try to make a bit of coin? You can even run around and engage in PvP, killing other players as 2D MMORPGs demand!

Lots Of Quests - The core of gameplay is the rewarding and engaging quests. Search out the secrets of the Blooding Blade Quest. Delve the dangers in the darkness of the Tombs Quest. You can even take on the most fearsome creature imaginable in the Vorpal Bunny Quest!

Unparalleled Stability - Players can feel certain they will never lose progress. A dedicated server cluster ensures 24/7 uptime, with a second server and uninterrupted power supply as a backup solution incase the primary fails. As of December 2017, the server has been up for over 1 year with no disasters or major downtime!