The Rats, also known by its German name Die Ratten, is a free to play browser and mobile game where you step into the shoes - err, paws - of a rat leader, and try to lead your pack to prosperity. The cheese is about to run out, and packs of rats are now fighting among themselves for survival. You have to show all these rats how to steal from the world around them, and not from one another! Being a rat isn't for everyone; it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. Steal cheese to feed and grow your pack. Find your way out of the darkness of the caves to the bright and opportunity-filled world above. Take care of your rat family, have rat weddings, and even raise rat babies! There's never a shortage of things to do when you're a dirty rat.

The Rats Key Features

Steal Cheese - You need cheese to feed your own rats, as well as to overfeed your neighbors' rats! If you can overfeed them and claim their souls (dark, right?) you can recruit new rats! Can you pull off the ultimate cheese heist?

Puzzle It Out - Complete match 3 type puzzle games to guide your rats through the caverns and tunnels of their world. Survival takes some tactical thinking and quick reflexes, but the price is indeed delicious.

Compete Against Other Rats - Other rats will do their best to steal your cheese and knock out your rats. Do unto them before they can do unto you! Steal your opponent's cheese, knock out their rats, and grow fat and happy at their expense.

Advance Your Rats - As your rat family grows, you can raise new generations of rats. By choosing their parents and upgrading their skills, you can get more and more advanced rats!

Competitions And PvP - Loads of PvP and competitive events await. You can go at it solo and only look out for number 1, or you can join a Clan and be part of a band of fluffy masterminds, bent on cheesy domination.