The Ultimatest Battle is a real-time, free to play 2D platform / shooter hybrid in which two teams compete in different game modes with an almost completely destructible environment. In The Ultimatest Battle universe, the player takes control of a small characters, called "Nubs”, who are armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons that differ according to their class. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. The player can modify the appearance as well as the gameplay of each class by using different items acquired throughout the game to personalize their character. Get into The Ultimatest Battle and leap, shoot, and fight your way to victory!

The Ultimatest Battle Key Features

Choose Your Nub - There are 6 playable classes, oriented equally to attack, defend or support other players: you can change your class at any time depending on the situation to lead your team to victory! Every class has a choice of 4 different weapons which can be replaced by other items as you advance.

Ultimatest Test Of Skill - The world is rich and diverse, and offers loads of gameplay options, tactical choices, and outright fun. Take part in zero gravity battles on the Moon, explore Overmine's quarries, play Pirateship boarders, or treat yourself to the Ultimatest Fried Chicken restaurants.

Team Based Gameplay - Working together as a team is critical to success! Fight across different game modes in destructible environments. From classics like DeathMatch and ZombieMode, to more demanding tactical matches such as ControlPoint, there's so much to see and do. You can even turn your enemies into chickens as you try to save a princess, or team up and fight against insane bosses!