The Wall is a strategic multiplayer FPS where the outcome of every match is defined by the players, and how they choose to bypass the game's namesake wall. One of the main elements of the game is the immense wall which divides the two teams, a wall which the players must tunnel under, break through, or climb over, should they wish to win the game. In addition, players can construct bunkers, generators, and other structures to change the terrain to their favor. Thus the wall allows matches to proceed in different ways; slow and measured, or fast and furious. The team who determines the terms of the fight is most often the victor; can you and your teammates outsmart the enemy team and breach the Wall?

The Wall Key Features

Dynamic Terrain - Besides the game's namesake wall, which presents unique tactical and strategic challenges and opportunities, players can construct bunkers, power generators, and other structures to change the flow and dynamics of the battlefield.

Player Economy - Player economy is a term used to describe the various resources at a player's disposal; energy, wood, and minerals. These may be spent to upgrade, buy, or build things during matches.

Persistent Inventory - A player's persistent inventory includes things like skill and weapon upgrades which carry over from match to match. This lets players advance as they play, and gives the game something of a long term RTS feel.

New Battle, Every Match - Ever match proceeds differently; the economy of the players, the structures they build and the tactics they use, and the method(s) used to bypass the massive wall ensure every battle offers new experiences.