The West is a free to play online browser-based role-playing game that sees you start as a greenhorn facing the dangers of the Wild West. Create your own avatar and collect experience by completing tasks and doing jobs. Become a gunslinger by challenging other players to duels. Prove your skills in adventures or just storm forts. Compete with your friends in duels, achievements and crafting. Follow the tracks of Jesse James and Billy The Kid and get out there and explore the Wild West!

Never a dull moment in The West

Choose Your Path - Are you a prospector, double dealer or bounty hunter? It's all up to you. You decide which way you want to go! The West is vast, and there's lots of room for everyone.

Stake Your Claim - Build a fort with your friends and defend it together against nasty outsiders, Indians and wild animals, and many other dangers.

Bring Civilization West - Found and expand a town with other players, building up a community Western style. Can you maintain law and order?

Ride The Range - Explore the prairie and go on adventures in The West. There is so much to see and do, you'll always wonder what's over that next ridge.