The Wild Eight is a cooperative survival action and adventure game which places you in the role of one of eight survivors of a plane crash in a remote location, deep in the Alaskan wilderness. The procedurally generated world ensures that every time you start the game, you are in for a new survival adventure. This is no ordinary wilderness, however; something is dreadfully, terribly wrong, from the mutated, bloodthirsty wolves to the inability to reach help by radio. While you wait for rescue and explore the area, the story opens up, revealing more and more... if you live that long.

In this Arctic wilderness, there is no room for mistakes: if you went hunting but forgot to cut some wood for the fire before nightfall, you’re dead. If you didn’t have time to cook your meat, you might have to eat it raw — and if you don’t have medicine, you’ll surely die from food poisoning. To stay alive, you’ll need wits and teamwork, and more than a little bit of luck. Can you survive in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, in the dead of winter?

The Wild Eight Key Features

Scavenge And Survive - You must collect food, medicine, materials, and more if you hope to survive for very long; keep your eyes open, and you might even find a defibrillator, which you can use to return fallen comrades to life!

Day And Night - During the day, it's fiercely cold; at night, it is downright lethal. Be prepared for the darkness and keep a fire going, or you may never see morning.

Co-Op Gameplay - Though you can play The Wild Eight alone, the game truly opens up with other players. You can watch one another's backs, tackle tougher challenges, and stay much safer. Beware, however, one of your fellow survivors may be descending into madness!