The World of Akria, also known as the Underground, is a vast 2D MMORPG from Triad Entertainment, a game which immerses players in a realm of dark caverns and forbidden dungeons, of fell monsters and evil denizens. The World of Akria is a huge sandbox style game, where the entire world is shaped by the actions and decisions of the players. Explore the land and immerse yourself in its stories and lore, in exploring this vast land, solving its mysteries and overcoming the myriad challenges it places before you.

The World Of Akria Key Features

True Sandbox - From the deep crafting system to the player driven economy to the storyline that responds to player decisions, The game delivers a true sandbox play experience. Do what you wish!

Play Together - Guilds and Alliances guarantee you'll never need to play alone, as does the nearly full loot PvP and bounty system!

Beautiful World - The World of Akria features rich landscapes and classic 2D RPG graphics. The realtime day/night system enriches the experience, further bringing the world to life!

A Complete MMORPG - With crafting and cooking, mounts and farming, a deity system, and more, The World of Akria offers an immersive, complete game experience, where there's always more to do.