theHunter is an online simulation hunting game that places an emphasis on realistic hunting experiences, offering you the chance to hunt deer and other small animals, and later, larger prey. Go solo or with a group of up to 8 players and explore the immersive hunting grounds. Immerse yourself in the wild and your surroundings, and hunt down game animals all over the world, without ever harming a single critter!

TheHunter Key Features

Play With Friends - Invite your friends, organize an expedition and play together. Supports up to eight players in competitive or co-operative multiplayer.

Be The Best - Challenge your friends for bragging rights and see who can bag the biggest trophy!

A Immense World - Immerse yourself in detailed hunting grounds based on Scandinavian, Central European, North American and Australian environments. Within the large open world environment of the Evergreen Hunting Reserve are nine hunting reserves for you to explore.

Online Community - Take part in community events, competitions and show everyone that you are the best hunter of your area or world wide. As you play your hunter score and skill levels increase.

Share Your Experience - Every route you plan, every bird, lion elephant you spot, every shot you fire and every trophy you gain is visible on your profile for you and your friend to look at, analyze, and share.