Therian Saga is a browser-based, sandbox-style role-playing game in which players explore an expansive open fantasy world. The game draws on the pen-and-paper style of gameplay and every hero is able to write their very own adventure. Therian Saga offers countless ways to mold your character to your desires. Whether you choose to be a merchant, a tailor, a warrior or an engineer, the range of choices is vast and there are no limits to the player's fantasy.

Without any pre-designed levels or highscores, cooperation is key. Players craft items to trade and gift to one another and can unite in powerful guilds to solve a variety of tasks together. With a massive range of tasks awaiting bold and enterprising adventurer, every day in Therian Saga offers new challenges. Once you've seen enough of the daily adventuring, you can explore the game's housing function and set up a shop for yourself and pursue your passions of owning a workshop, mill or foundry. If you do not speak English fluently, there's no issue either, as the game is available in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish as well.

Therian Saga Key Features

Experience Fascinating Adventures - Explore unusual locations that can only be accessed once your hero has acquired the necessary skills. Once on your path, unique adventures come to life, revealing the surprising history of a continent that was abandoned 700 years ago.

Choose a Place to Live - Choose a place to liv in a territory of your choice and enjoy the benefits of the surrounding resources. Be the lord holding sway over a strategic region or a solitary hermit; it's all up to you.

Create Legendary Objects - Hone your hero's skills to create prestigious items with rare characteristics that other plays will want to buy from you. Specialize in a specific field and collaborate with allies with complementary skills to reach higher levels and become a famous artisan.

Build Luxurious Estates - Grab your shovels, trowels and planes and build estates that people will marvel at or even lay the foundations of a city that will delight counts, barons and duchesses for decades to come.