Thirty Kingdoms is a free to play browser based historical strategy game, for up to 30 players, based on an alternate historical version of Midlands Europe. In Thirty Kingdoms, the player takes the role of one of the Royal Houses of the Midlands. He faces the challenge to become the undisputed monarch of the continent using the force arms and diplomacy. Brutal fights and the development of a flourishing kingdom are the foundation of his road to success. Yet, a true King knows his power relies not only on his own skills, but on the relief of honest alliances. Can you unite the medieval Midlands under your banner. The sophisticated AI, represented by whole Houses as well as uncivilized Barbarian tribes, challenges each player and forces him to even have an eye on his remote provinces.

Note: Thirty Kingdoms shut down on May 25, 2018

Thirty Kingdoms Key Features

Wide Variety Of Nations - 30 playable Royal Houses and demanding opponents controlled by the AI

Siege Warfare - Complex siege feature allows you to attack fortifications

Real Time Strategy - Units move in real-time on a detailed map with several terrain features

Extensive Tech Tree - An extensive tech tree with 25 different buildings

Diverse Units - Ten different units, all with special abilities in different terrains

Special Fantasy Units - Three special units. Choose between Mages, Trolls and Dragons to follow your banner.

Complex Spy Features - Send Courtesans, corrupt Magistrates or Deserters in hostile provinces.