Thorns & Spells is a free to play 2D PvP themepark set in a persistent fantasy world and featuring real-time exploration and combat, 1v1 arena, open PvP, and more! Become part of this online community and play with hundreds of other players, each out to discover their own path and make their mark on the land. Interact with friends and foes in real-time as you make your way through the land. Explore forgotten places and forbidden locales, or stay closer to home; after all, the farther from civilization you roam, the greater the dangers you must face. With quests, crafting, open world PvP and more, you'll never want for new things to do!

Note: On May 22, 2018, Thorns and Spells shut down.

Thorns & Spells Key Features

Play Together - Interact with other players in real-time, in a 2D persistent world.

Predator Or Prey - Engage in competitive, open-world PvP with few Protection Zones.

PvP Skill System - Gain skills in PvP in an Elo-like rating system.

1 vs 1 Arena - Test your skills in one on one fights against other players in the arena.

Seek Out Riches - Find valuable treasures and loot new weapons.

Strut Your Stuff - Obtain a variety of weapons and outfits to show off to other players.

Friend Or Foe - Form friendships and alliances, or rule the land with an iron fist!