Three Kingdoms is a free to play massively multiplayer online browser strategy game set in the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China. Three Kingdoms Online enables thousands of players to come together online and experience battling against each other and conquer the world of Three Kingdoms to become an emperor. Without any download needs, players from across the globe can undertake faction quests and heroic exploits in this warring and chaotic land anywhere, anytime in your browser. Build your forces, lead them into battle, and stake your claim to the Three Kingdoms. Customize your hero and rule the empire!

NOTE: While the game is still live, the newest news posts on the website are from 2014, and the game appears abandoned.

Three Kingdoms Online Key Features

Live The Epic - Set in a tumultuous and fascinating period of China's history, Three Kingdoms Online offers a wealth of immersive gameplay. Be a part of history, or even change it

Fight The Battles - Prepare your troops and set off for the field of battle. While diplomacy and economics are critical, so is military power and the skill to use it well. Dominate your opponents and become the Emperor

Endless Online Fun - The game is completely free to play, and requires no downloads, installations, or subscriptions. Log in from anywhere, and resume your conquest at any time through your browser!