Throne and Liberty is a 2023 third-person fantasy MMORPG from South Korean veteran developers NCSoft. Previously under the working title Project TL, Throne and Liberty was once planned to be Lineage Eternal but now has its own unique identity set in a completely distinct world.

Playable on PC and next-gen consoles, Throne and Liberty can also be streamed on mobile devices. It is a visually impressive, third-person action RPG combining classic MMO features with innovative re-imaginings of standard RPG mechanics.

The entire game world is a seamless zone which requires ingenuity to navigate. The diverse biomes of Throne and Liberty are largely PvE zones, although time-specific events transform them into active battle zones with PvP engaged.

Victory in sieges and tactical large-scale battles require strategy and cunning. The same applies to its multi-tiered dungeons which pride themselves on their non-linearity, including the ability to aid and damage creatures on different floors.