Thundercall is a free to play fantasy browser MMORPG from R2 Games which delivers epic adventure in an easy to play, new player friendly format. In Thundercall, you take on the role of a young adventurer who must save this realm of mystery and magic from the forces of darkness. Journey across the land, overcoming challenges and completing quests, and save your beloved kingdom. Thundercall has been designed with an eye on making the browser MMORPG genre as simple as possible for new players, but this does not mean that any depth has been sacrificed. Explore and fight, quest and overcome, make friends - and enemies - with people all over the world, and do it all in your browser for free!

Thundercall Key Features

Huge World - Immerse yourself in a vast and vibrant world, and watch it come to life as you visit each new area and uncover each new secret. Can you explore the width and length of this fantastic realm?

PvE And PvP Content - Face off against massive bosses in raids and dungeons together with your friends, or face off against other players in fearsome combat; can you overcome all challenges?

Meet New People - Join a guild and play together with friends new and old, and enjoy all that Thundercall has to offer, and make enemies on the field of battle.