Tibia is a European free to play fantasy MMORPG from CipSoft, and it is one of the oldest and longest running MMORPGs in the world, having launched in 1997. Players in Tibia explore a deep and extensive fantasy world, training skills and overcoming challenges while they gain in power and experience. Characters can select from one of four vocations upon reaching level 8, and they can advance in their profession, gaining new abilities, at level 20. Tibia offers players different sorts of magic to master and creatures to fight, quests to undertake and battles to engage in. Step into one of the oldest fantasy MMORPGs in the world and forge your path!

Tibia Key Features

Very Vocations - There are four distinct vocations in Tibia; will you be a mighty Knight, and engage your opponents in melee, or rain death from afar as a Paladin? If you've a magical bent, will you rain fire on your foes as a Sorcerer, or heal your allies as a Druid?

Such PvP - With Open PvP, Hardcore PvP, and Optional PvP servers, players can find a place to their liking. In Open PvP servers, player killing is possible at any time, but doing so earns you a skull; as long as you have a skull, you can be freely killed by other players! On Optional PvP servers, PvP is disabled except for during mutual guild wars.

Much Magic - Every character can wield some magic; some simply can use more than others. Instant spells consume mana, and have their effect occur immediately, while runic magic is cast from a rune. Wands and rods for sorcerers and druids exist, providing more magical variety!