TibiaME is the first ever massively multiplayer online role-playing game for mobile devices, and it's still going strong! Come together with hundreds of players and experience adventures in a colorful virtual world! Along with your friends you explore the mysterious land of TibiaME, fight your way through hordes of evil creatures and solve ancient riddles to find untold treasures. With every monster you defeat you will grow in strength and power. TibiaME is based on the successful online role-playing game Tibia which attracts thousands of players every day. What are you waiting for?

TibiaME Key Features

Choose Your Path - Choose from two classes, the Warrior or the Wizard, in both male and female versions, and set off for adventure! Who will you be, and who will you become?

Long Standing Community - No game lasts for over 14 years unless it has done something right. Come meet a strong community, a dynamic game, and a development team who is active and invested.

PvP Fun - As a full featured MMORPG, you can engage in fast paced PvP! Get ready to go head to head against players from around the world. How high through the ranks can you climb?

Live The Adventure - From weapons and equipment to be found and traded for, quests to undertake and enemies to overcome, TibiaME is a complete MMORPG. Come live the tale!