Tiger Knight is a free to play combat-focused strategy MMO which melds elements of fantasy RPG and historical strategy set in the Three Kingdoms Period in China. Powered by the time-tested Unreal 3 engine, Tiger Knight places you in command of a unit of troops, who you lead to stirring victory - or crushing defeat. With its gorgeous 3D graphics, fast-paced exhilarating combat, and many game modes, from 1v1 duels up to full fledged 100 vs 100 battles, Tiger Knight recreates the glory and grandeur of warfare in ancient China. Immerse yourself in this action packed and strategically focused combat MMO; the only thing missing is the feeling of wind in your hair and sun on your skin!

Tiger Knight Key Features

Multiplayer Combat - From one on one duels to battles with 100 players per side, Tiger Knight is all about fast paced, intense historical combat. Players can also lead AI troops to war, guaranteeing that every battle is full of foes to fight and allies to aid!

Strategic Focus - Use the terrain and your troops to best advantage; sometimes, a direct assault is the best way forward, sometimes looping around to attack from the rear is better. Can you adapt to the battlefield's ebb and flow?

Third Person Action Controls - The third person view helps you keep an eye on all that is going on around you, ensuring that you can block attacks from any quarter, attack in a 360 degree area, and plan every block, swing, and blow in combat second by second.