Tiny Mighty is a free-to-play browser-based MMO that blends strategy and progression with a thrilling backdrop of superheroes vs villains. Players can unlock different features by leveling-up in the Tiny Mighty world, with teams of different heroes with unique powers. Heroes can be upgraded and leveled through 'stars' to make a player's team even stronger, and then enter into PvP duels and league fights. Collect heroes, upgrade skills, synth various items and exclusive gear. This game combines the heroes we all like to play with fun combat straight in your browser and includes many parodies with a dose of humor for you to enjoy!

In Tiny Mighty, you play as a commander like never before. To protect the peace of the world, players must lead, summon and even hire other players' heroes to create an unstoppable team and fight with enemies. There is lots to explore and challenge with the Mysterious Fairyland, Energy Treasure, Endless Trial and deadly World Bosses waiting for you.

Tiny Mighty Key Features

PVP - Compete in duels and League Fights against players from around the world.

PvE - Plenty of quests and dungeons for Heroes to partake in. To the victor go the spoils!

Heroes - Collect up to 45 Heroes and upgrade their skills. Who will be your favorite?

Gear - Exclusive gear and various synth items allows further customization and refinement.

Teams - Players can create different teams with different Heroes, and call upon the best team for a given task.