Titan Siege is a free to play 3D MMORPG in a world which mixes elements of fantasy with legends and myths from around the world. Players in Titan Siege will find themselves in a world torn by wars between rival factions of titans, a world which mixes mythology and fantasy from ancient Greece, Egypt, and many other times and places, a world which depends on them to free it from domination and cruelty. To free the world, players must do the nigh impossible; they must fight, and defeat, the titans. Heroes in Titan Siege must have courage, perseverance, and wisdom to prevail against such odds; have you got what it takes to free the world from the Titans?

Titan Siege Game Features

Five Classes - From the hard hitting warrior to the spirit summoning voodoo elementalist, each class possesses unique traits and provides a unique game experience; which path will you pick?

Quest For Skills - To unlock a skill in Titan Siege, the player must complete quests and objectives to gain skill points. In doing so, the skills can be upgraded and new skills can be unlocked, strengthening your character.

Pets And Mounts - Titans are a fearsome enemy, and no adventurer should try to take them on alone! Gain mounts to get you where you're going faster, and pets to help you once you're there!