Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a free to play MMORPG for mobile devices which lets players explore and fight in the world of famous anime, Tokyo Ghoul. You form a team of your favorite human, ghoul, and hybrid characters, and then play through an extensive single player campaign, or jump into multiplayer play! Experience the dark and mysterious world of Tokyo Ghoul, meeting its people and seeing its places. Collect characters as you brawl your way through the Tokyo streets. Battle alongside other players or brawl against them in PvP challenges. Effortlessly control your team as you use simple and intuitive touch controls tailored for play on phones. Stunning graphics, engaging stories, immersive sound and music, and all the action you could ever want make this a game for fans of Tokyo Ghoul the world over.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Key Features

Experience The World - The graphics and sounds draw you in, and the stories and characters keep you there. The world, characters, and locations of the anime comes to life on your phone or tablet!

Collect The Characters - Select different Ghouls and CCG Investigators to fight together! Assemble a team from over 50 different characters, including Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, and other popular characters from the anime.

Learn And Grow - A multi dimensional advancement system lets your characters grow. From upgrades and equipment improvements to powerful character combinations, your characters can grow in strength in many ways.

Solo Or Multiplayer - You can fight your battles alone, or you can team up with other players to face the toughest challenges. Or, if you like PvP, you can go head to head against other players in the Arena and MOBA modes!